Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am back up and running.. yippie

So I am back after having to re format 4 times.. what a headache..Just a warning folks.. please don't download from 4shared.. that is where I got the bug from.. Please don't download from any ones 4 shared account.. until they catch the person that has put the bug in there...I downloaded from a person I knew.. and got hit.. and hit hard too. I don't even want to go to 4 share to cancel all my downloads.. I'm scared too.. so please dont download anything from my 4 shared or any ones 4-shared right now..I will find a new place to upload the things to.. one where it wont cost you your computer to get to.. Now I will go find that place for us.. and then put new things in.. I cant wait to start playing again..

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