Tuesday, November 4, 2008

voting day. go out and vote

Good Morning everyone
wow today we get to vote. I do hope everyone will get out and vote. I know I want to have my voice heard.
We had a blast on Halloween. Little Valin was so cute going up to the doors as a cat in the hat.and saying, turkey treat. lol hes only 2. We keep telling him turkey treats don't come for another 25 days or so.lol
We went to the Renascence Festival again, with my son his wife, and Robert(who I was his cub scout leader) and his other half. we had alot of fun. Robert won the fish and chip eating contest. and next year he gets season tickets. so he was so excited. It is so great to see my little cub scouts and how they have grown. Robert and his other half Vanessa make soap and sell it. I will let you know later where you can find their products. they are going to put them on line soon. They have just started. Let me tell you .. The soap smells so great. and looks like you should eat it.. instead of washing with it. and for you . .
Today I have for you a quick page. I did a challenge for one of the groups I am in. called Sweetz. and here is what I did for it. the picture I put in. Is a picture of me, in 1974. when I was a senior in High school.. Now for yours. a blank one. You may use it how ever you wish. cu is okay. add to it do what ever..lol and also a free . The quick page is a 8x10 and will be located on our web site at www.countrydreamzscrappin.com. I will let you know when we have it uploaded. we have added a lot of new clip art to our site;. here is some samples of what we have new.we also added new embroidery designs. our scrabble angels. we added 3 more of them. so if you are playing the scrabble game on our site and missed any of the angels. heres your chance to purchase them.here is some samples of the angels

Have a great day