Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What a morning already
I have been busy doing nothing it I have been working but it seems like i am not getting much done. ever have one of those days,lol,
I just remove the embroidery cancer ribbons from the yahoo group, so if you missed them I am sorry.. they were to be there for the weekend only.and here it is wed, I just forgot to take them down. so they are down now and will be put up on site as soon as I finish digitizing the set, the price for them will depend on how many I put in the set. we did just upload 4 new clip art packs.
this one is called sunflower kids. just think of all the different things it could be used for. lol and the price is only 5.99 and you can use them for pu or cu..
well I have got to get my classes done, and I don't want to right now,,, but i have to,,, so off I go

link for quick page

here is the link to download the quick page .
then just click on the picture and your download will start.enjoy

Breast cancer awareness quick page

Ha, I finished the quick page this is a full size page and you may use it for would be nice but not necessary. I will post the link as soon as it is uploaded.