Monday, November 24, 2008

Wow . Lots of people testing the tutorials-- Thanks

Good Morning everyone
Boy yesterday was a busy day... with the new tutorials.. and trying to help everyone with any problems. A few things came up I didn't even think about when making the tutorials.. Like how things look different on different size screens. I have a 19 inch screen.My sister has a 22 inch screen. and a lot of people have a 15 inch screen.. so it looks different...also loading from photo bucket or tiny pics.. can make a difference.. you will need to adjust accordingly to it.
And then there are the templates we all use the same one.. but sometimes the template don't give you all the code.. so we encountered that problem.. my sisters site.. countrydreamz didn't have all the code so we added it. and the fix we put in worked. now to find out why it happens.. and what the real solution for the problem is. any one know why that happens or how to fix it.. let me know.. it where it says background.. but it has like $ signs instead of the area you insert your code.
I do want to thank everyone who tried my tutorials. As you know they are the first ones I have done.. and Mostly they are screen shots of what I am doing as a reminder to me.. oh how I did memorery isnt what it use to be,, so if i am trying to do something.. without a tutorial .. I have to do screen shots.. Thats how I get measurement for some tthings. like a blog page. I do a screen shot of my blog and take it into psp and then using the selection tool. select the parts I want to make like the topper. and middle insert. and then I play with them.. and see if they work. thats just a little hint of how I do my stuff.
Another good tip is.. the elements on your layout.. is psp.. they look right.. but on the web they are too big.. make sure you keep them down to around 300 x300 at the biggest..otherwise they look huge.. Today I am going to work on some inserts and toppers ..