Sunday, November 30, 2008

new scrap kit using clip art from stickman santa claus

Yesterday I was playing with my clip art.. I like playing with clip art. and made a couple scrap kits.
heres what it looks like for the mini kit.. with taggers size paper
you can download the paper here
and the elements here. the preview of elements have some resized 60 percent or more.
I also have made the full size with lots of extras in it. and it will be put up on the web site for sale, I think.. I dont know yet. Its
I might put it here.
so off now I go.. as I have a house to clean.. icky.. I hate cleaning.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Good morning... or afternoon what ever the case
Wow I was busy yesterday.. Making pies and cleaning and getting ready for today..
How many are going to venture out tomorrow.. I will. I love fighting for a parking spot.. and finding my treasures..
remember if your at a place you are using a shopping cart.. keep a close on on your treasures.. for you don't know who is doing their shopping in your cart.. If you have an item .. that they want and it was a limited amount of them.. you might not have it anymore...

Today I have for you visions of flowers. you may download the quick page here for the jpg or here for the png
also all the papers and elements I used to make it here
Here is my granddaughter Bailey in the quick page. It was for her I made it. she is my grand daughter.. I have 3 sons 2 grandsons and another grandson on the
I hope you like it. I love making quick pages as I am still working on making a CD for my three boys, It still isn't Ive been working on it for 2 years.. scanning in pictures of when they were young.. Its a lot of work.. and they keep having kids... lol
well that's it for today. Happy turkey day everyone

Monday, November 24, 2008

Wow . Lots of people testing the tutorials-- Thanks

Good Morning everyone
Boy yesterday was a busy day... with the new tutorials.. and trying to help everyone with any problems. A few things came up I didn't even think about when making the tutorials.. Like how things look different on different size screens. I have a 19 inch screen.My sister has a 22 inch screen. and a lot of people have a 15 inch screen.. so it looks different...also loading from photo bucket or tiny pics.. can make a difference.. you will need to adjust accordingly to it.
And then there are the templates we all use the same one.. but sometimes the template don't give you all the code.. so we encountered that problem.. my sisters site.. countrydreamz didn't have all the code so we added it. and the fix we put in worked. now to find out why it happens.. and what the real solution for the problem is. any one know why that happens or how to fix it.. let me know.. it where it says background.. but it has like $ signs instead of the area you insert your code.
I do want to thank everyone who tried my tutorials. As you know they are the first ones I have done.. and Mostly they are screen shots of what I am doing as a reminder to me.. oh how I did memorery isnt what it use to be,, so if i am trying to do something.. without a tutorial .. I have to do screen shots.. Thats how I get measurement for some tthings. like a blog page. I do a screen shot of my blog and take it into psp and then using the selection tool. select the parts I want to make like the topper. and middle insert. and then I play with them.. and see if they work. thats just a little hint of how I do my stuff.
Another good tip is.. the elements on your layout.. is psp.. they look right.. but on the web they are too big.. make sure you keep them down to around 300 x300 at the biggest..otherwise they look huge.. Today I am going to work on some inserts and toppers ..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

how to edit --HTML-- to put your background in from tiny pics

Now you are ready to upload to tiny pic
I upload my background my and topper. But only use the background and when I put my topper in I get it from my computer

Okay now in the picture above you copy the number where I put the arrow.
Go to your blog. Sign in
Make sure you choose minima
I always go to customize.
Then click on HTML
Okay now the trickey part
Go down to where it says background,, I highlighted it in yellow
And choose it and paste your code in from tiny pictures
Now you can save it and view it. Then I go back to customize it and put my header in.
If you look at the screen shot of the edit blog up above.. You will see header and the word edit click on it and it opens to a new window

Get your header and put in
Your done.

I hope this helps any one who is having problem.. I know I was and I think I have it

How I make my blog background

I just put in how I make the layout for my blog.. hopefully this is of some help to someone. I know when I tried to do it the first time.. i had a heck of a time.. I upload my background to tiny pics. if you need help with where to put the HTML. let me know and I will add a tutorial on how I do it.. This is by no means the only way to do a blog background.. It is how I do mine.
if you have any questions please let me know. I will try to help you. please dont pass this tutorial around give them the link and let them come to my blog to get it. thanks Joani

how to make a layout for your blog

If you click on the above image. It will open in a new windo and you can right click and save as.. and you have a background. please give credit if you use it for your blog. thanks joani

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good morning
I did a quick page you may download if you like.. This is my sister.. my best friend..
my patner in the web stuff.. lol
if you like the layout, you can get the quick page here
heres what it looks like without the picture

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

over 100 Clip art sets on a cd sale

Good Day everyone
I have a special deal for everyone that starts now.. We have just open our countrydreamz scrappin site.. so we are having a grand opening sale...We are putting all the clip art on a cd and we are going to sell it all for 100.00.. thats over 100 semi exclusive and exclusive clip art packs.. I know for sure 115.. but we plan on adding more goodies.
This is a limited sale.. where we will sell only so many, of these cds. so if you want one.. please e-mail me at

Our terms of use are very easy.. Make whar you want with it.. have fun with it.. the only thing you cant do with it is resell the clip art as is. You must do something with it .. and you must give us credit somewhere on the site you use it on.
now thats easy
no license is needed. you can digitize it for embroidery designs and d sell your end results.. you can make scrap kit.. web sets..labels.. Use your imaginenation...Some of this clip art we had made for us. and havent even had the chance to put up on our site. .. This offer is going to be put up on our site this week. so if you know you want one.. make sure you contact me.. so I can put you on the list. You can see most of the clip art on our site at
We will putting up more of the clip art packages this week, so you know what you are getting.. or you can contact us and I will send you a list of all the clip art packages.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy vets day

Good Morning everyone
Today is veterans day. so too you vets.. Thank you. My husband was in the Marines for 91/2 years.. so I do understand Military life. we moved from il- to Mississippi to Arizona back to IL. while he went to Japan.. then to north Carolina... So to all you Military and vets.. Thank you...from the bottom of my heart. we would not be a free country without you.Today I have for you a free sunflower scrap kit.. yes a whole kit.. not just a quick page,, yeah.. I did this kit along time ago .. its one of my first.. maybe a tad bit rough.. but do with it as you please. cu ok

Image has been reduce to save space
I have separated the kit for easier downloads. you can downlod the elements here

the paper here and the tiles here
and the quick page in psp format only.. herehere is the quick page in the jpeg. I believe this is a taggers size kit,, I really cant remember. fo when I made it.. I didnt know there was taggers and full size I did put in the seamless tiles so you can make it what ever size you want. .
The clip art I used for this, scrap kit is from our site, here.
So Have a great day everone and enjoy

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Its Sunday.. what r u doing

Good Morning
Today is Sunday.. in case you dont know.. I just thought I would mention that.. lol. Wow we have been so busy on the weekends lately. Today we are going to go back to work on our back porch. well really a back room. we are ready to put the tar paper and windows in. Yeah. I am always frightened that our windows will get broken before we get them in. But they survived Ike.. so we are doing good huh,,
Yesterday we took our grandson Valin and went to see my oldest son , for his Birthday, he has 2 kids ,, Everen and Bailey. Valin had such a great time playing with Everen.. he did get upset with me holing the baby..He looked at me and said.. Im andmaws baby.. LOL.. the grandkids call me Andmaw..
anyhow we ended up taking Everen and Valin to Traders Village, where they were having an Indian expo. The kids loved watching the Indians dance.. and touching all the furs.. and hearing the history of the Indians from my hubby.
My middle son Mark and His wife showed up there. They had gone to galveston to see the area where their summer home was.. before Ike took it away..There was nothing there except a piece of the shed. so they took the piece of the shed. and are going to make something with it. They said they had a hard time there.. the ground was a slippery mess. it was firm but real slippery. and there was a parking lot full of cars.. buried under lots of sand .. dirt and wood. They had wanted to dig around and see if they could find any of there stuff.. but didnt.. it was just too slippery to do even that. and with her being pregnant. they just left.. and joined us for fun..
Today .. I have for you a quick Page. you may just click on it and it will open in a new window. then right click on it and save to your computer.
I will add a free scrap kit sometime next week so keep an eye out for that.
Have a great day everyone

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Good Morning
Here is the link to the quick page. It is an 8x10. and you may add items to it. I also included the picture frame and ribbon I used.
I finished digitizing my flower fairies yesterday. the art work is from Innys and Here they are. They come in 4x4 and 5x7. Margaret also finished a new set. sunflower kids. art work by whimsy primsy. and it is the start of a series. you can find both sets at

okay. I guess that is it for today..I will add more quick pages and psp items soon.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

voting day. go out and vote

Good Morning everyone
wow today we get to vote. I do hope everyone will get out and vote. I know I want to have my voice heard.
We had a blast on Halloween. Little Valin was so cute going up to the doors as a cat in the hat.and saying, turkey treat. lol hes only 2. We keep telling him turkey treats don't come for another 25 days or
We went to the Renascence Festival again, with my son his wife, and Robert(who I was his cub scout leader) and his other half. we had alot of fun. Robert won the fish and chip eating contest. and next year he gets season tickets. so he was so excited. It is so great to see my little cub scouts and how they have grown. Robert and his other half Vanessa make soap and sell it. I will let you know later where you can find their products. they are going to put them on line soon. They have just started. Let me tell you .. The soap smells so great. and looks like you should eat it.. instead of washing with it. and for you . .
Today I have for you a quick page. I did a challenge for one of the groups I am in. called Sweetz. and here is what I did for it. the picture I put in. Is a picture of me, in 1974. when I was a senior in High school.. Now for yours. a blank one. You may use it how ever you wish. cu is okay. add to it do what and also a free . The quick page is a 8x10 and will be located on our web site at I will let you know when we have it uploaded. we have added a lot of new clip art to our site;. here is some samples of what we have new.we also added new embroidery designs. our scrabble angels. we added 3 more of them. so if you are playing the scrabble game on our site and missed any of the angels. heres your chance to purchase is some samples of the angels

Have a great day