Wednesday, November 12, 2008

over 100 Clip art sets on a cd sale

Good Day everyone
I have a special deal for everyone that starts now.. We have just open our countrydreamz scrappin site.. so we are having a grand opening sale...We are putting all the clip art on a cd and we are going to sell it all for 100.00.. thats over 100 semi exclusive and exclusive clip art packs.. I know for sure 115.. but we plan on adding more goodies.
This is a limited sale.. where we will sell only so many, of these cds. so if you want one.. please e-mail me at

Our terms of use are very easy.. Make whar you want with it.. have fun with it.. the only thing you cant do with it is resell the clip art as is. You must do something with it .. and you must give us credit somewhere on the site you use it on.
now thats easy
no license is needed. you can digitize it for embroidery designs and d sell your end results.. you can make scrap kit.. web sets..labels.. Use your imaginenation...Some of this clip art we had made for us. and havent even had the chance to put up on our site. .. This offer is going to be put up on our site this week. so if you know you want one.. make sure you contact me.. so I can put you on the list. You can see most of the clip art on our site at
We will putting up more of the clip art packages this week, so you know what you are getting.. or you can contact us and I will send you a list of all the clip art packages.

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