Thursday, October 30, 2008

I did it

WOW finally.. I got around to changing the lay out.. still not right... but getting better. I have been so busy lately.. I haven't even had time to post.I have been cleaning the house today,, and playing wii.. I know .. I know.. I said I was so busy,, but yet take time out to play wii. but I had to .. lol,.. I needed a break. Tomorrow is Halloween.. we are going to my sons house. we as in my youngest son Matt and his wife Crystal and thier 2 year old son Valin. Our oldest son mike and his wife and kids cant join us,, they are going to a party at her Bosses house.. Gotta suck up to the Boss, you know.. lol.. with jobs as hard to find, as they are.. a little kissing might
I have been working on taking more classes.. now I just have to figure out the 4-shared thing.. soon,, look I put in my own page okay.. maybe I got it too big,, I will work on and work on getting the links up and the scrap kits I have made for you guys. give me another couple weeks.. in between digitizing,, making web pages for our sites.. doing classes and playing wii.. and cleaning the house.. and building a back porch.. lol
okay well thats it for today.
If I dont make it back by tommorrow.. Happy Halloween