Sunday, November 23, 2008

how to edit --HTML-- to put your background in from tiny pics

Now you are ready to upload to tiny pic
I upload my background my and topper. But only use the background and when I put my topper in I get it from my computer

Okay now in the picture above you copy the number where I put the arrow.
Go to your blog. Sign in
Make sure you choose minima
I always go to customize.
Then click on HTML
Okay now the trickey part
Go down to where it says background,, I highlighted it in yellow
And choose it and paste your code in from tiny pictures
Now you can save it and view it. Then I go back to customize it and put my header in.
If you look at the screen shot of the edit blog up above.. You will see header and the word edit click on it and it opens to a new window

Get your header and put in
Your done.

I hope this helps any one who is having problem.. I know I was and I think I have it

How I make my blog background

I just put in how I make the layout for my blog.. hopefully this is of some help to someone. I know when I tried to do it the first time.. i had a heck of a time.. I upload my background to tiny pics. if you need help with where to put the HTML. let me know and I will add a tutorial on how I do it.. This is by no means the only way to do a blog background.. It is how I do mine.
if you have any questions please let me know. I will try to help you. please dont pass this tutorial around give them the link and let them come to my blog to get it. thanks Joani

how to make a layout for your blog

If you click on the above image. It will open in a new windo and you can right click and save as.. and you have a background. please give credit if you use it for your blog. thanks joani