Saturday, May 21, 2011

Clip art and Embroidery cds on sale

My sister and I closed our web sight a couple years ago.. due to some medical reasons..If you did not visit us at country dreamz.. dont worry,,, everything we had on our sight.. we have on cds. we have the I want it all clip art cds,, which we bought, exclusive and semi exclusive.. to resell.. so if you need clip art.. now is the time to buy. the cds for the clip art is 30.00 and you get over 100 sets.. you can use it for CU. The only thing you can not do is resell the clip art as is. you must make something with it. Also we have the I want it all embroidery cds.. again over 100 sets for 30.00. you may use them for CU.. just don't resell the designs as is.. you must make something out of them..
if you are interested in the cds, please e-mail me.. .I will get back to you.. i am in the process of making a catalog of the items on all the cds.. or give me a shout out.. in the chat box..