Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Good morning... or afternoon what ever the case
Wow I was busy yesterday.. Making pies and cleaning and getting ready for today..
How many are going to venture out tomorrow.. I will. I love fighting for a parking spot.. and finding my treasures..
remember if your at a place you are using a shopping cart.. keep a close on on your treasures.. for you don't know who is doing their shopping in your cart.. If you have an item .. that they want and it was a limited amount of them.. you might not have it anymore...

Today I have for you visions of flowers. you may download the quick page here for the jpg or here for the png
also all the papers and elements I used to make it here
Here is my granddaughter Bailey in the quick page. It was for her I made it. she is my grand daughter.. I have 3 sons 2 grandsons and another grandson on the
I hope you like it. I love making quick pages as I am still working on making a CD for my three boys, It still isn't Ive been working on it for 2 years.. scanning in pictures of when they were young.. Its a lot of work.. and they keep having kids... lol
well that's it for today. Happy turkey day everyone