Sunday, December 21, 2008

free quick page andChristmas at my sons.. ARRRGGG!!!!

We went to my sons house for a Christmas dinner today, his wife refuses to come to our home.. she hates me.. and boy was it clear today just how much.. We have tried to be nice to her .. for our sons sake and for our grand kids sake.. but it is getting harder and harder.And it was not a fun day.. but a very stressful event..So all that pray.. please say a prayer for this evil person, who's only goal in life is to be mean to people. and she is good at it.and maybe a prayer that my son and the grand kids.. wont be abused by her. As she is an abusive person..
Thank you and now for the quick page....
So today I will give everyone an early Christmas present.
Just click on the quick page. and it will open in a new window. then right click and save as.. It is a png. and a taggers size. the full size along with 4 other full size will be added on the 26 as part of the train. items.
Have a great night