Thursday, October 30, 2008

I did it

WOW finally.. I got around to changing the lay out.. still not right... but getting better. I have been so busy lately.. I haven't even had time to post.I have been cleaning the house today,, and playing wii.. I know .. I know.. I said I was so busy,, but yet take time out to play wii. but I had to .. lol,.. I needed a break. Tomorrow is Halloween.. we are going to my sons house. we as in my youngest son Matt and his wife Crystal and thier 2 year old son Valin. Our oldest son mike and his wife and kids cant join us,, they are going to a party at her Bosses house.. Gotta suck up to the Boss, you know.. lol.. with jobs as hard to find, as they are.. a little kissing might
I have been working on taking more classes.. now I just have to figure out the 4-shared thing.. soon,, look I put in my own page okay.. maybe I got it too big,, I will work on and work on getting the links up and the scrap kits I have made for you guys. give me another couple weeks.. in between digitizing,, making web pages for our sites.. doing classes and playing wii.. and cleaning the house.. and building a back porch.. lol
okay well thats it for today.
If I dont make it back by tommorrow.. Happy Halloween

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hello all
Today I want to remind you what can happen when you drink too much on Halloween... besides the possibilities of getting into an accident. or hitting a child....I know I am making Jello shots and we are going to my sons house to take the grand babies out.trick or treating. that is why I dont want to end up like this.. and please dont let your pumpkins drink.. they do make a mess.

You may have this picture. just right click on it and save as.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Good morning
Here is a taggers size quick page for you. just click on the picture, then when it opens in a new window right click and save as,here it is with pictures added to it. my little grandson Valin.from new born to his real first trick or treating,the full size one,,
we will be adding this to our site at .okay off to work I go.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good Morning everyone
wow.. it has been a busy morning for me today.. already.. so many things to do today. we just updated our sites,, for those that do embroidery,, we have added the Oct angel. and a red work Christmas both are for the 4x4 hoop and 5x7.we also added a lot of new clip art that we have exclusive rights to resell to do as you please... except to resell the clip art.the clip art is above. the embroidery is below. I will be working on those quick pages today. yesterday i ended up digitizing designs.. so .. keep checking back for some free quick pages. I also want to change my blog layout. I dont really like the pink and black. but i was playing trying to make a template for the blog. I think I have it now. maybe i will make some extras while i am in there.. for everyone.Its hard sometimes to get the look you want.. when you dont really know what look you want.. but you have an idea. lol
anyhow back to the drawing board.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

playing in psp

Good morning
wow yesterday was busy, we went to the Renaissance festival.. It was the fairy weekend. and I did see a lot of It was so crowded. but we had a great time. I will try to get some quick pages done using that theme. for everyone. this morning I was playing in psp doing a weekend challenge for one of the groups Im in. I did the Neapolitan, here is looks like.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What a morning already
I have been busy doing nothing it I have been working but it seems like i am not getting much done. ever have one of those days,lol,
I just remove the embroidery cancer ribbons from the yahoo group, so if you missed them I am sorry.. they were to be there for the weekend only.and here it is wed, I just forgot to take them down. so they are down now and will be put up on site as soon as I finish digitizing the set, the price for them will depend on how many I put in the set. we did just upload 4 new clip art packs.
this one is called sunflower kids. just think of all the different things it could be used for. lol and the price is only 5.99 and you can use them for pu or cu..
well I have got to get my classes done, and I don't want to right now,,, but i have to,,, so off I go

link for quick page

here is the link to download the quick page .
then just click on the picture and your download will start.enjoy

Breast cancer awareness quick page

Ha, I finished the quick page this is a full size page and you may use it for would be nice but not necessary. I will post the link as soon as it is uploaded.

Monday, October 13, 2008

we got the site updated

Hello everyone. wow we made it through the weekend. but today is a holiday. Columbus day. so my hubby is off. and already has a list of things for us to do. lol..
Margaret just finished the Oct calendar girl for embroidery designs, and a set of snowmen. They turned out so cute.
here is the calender girl. she is so prim with her little pumpkin quilt behind
also here is the snowmen
Remember these are embroidery patterns ready to sew out. not graphics. we did add 3 new sets of graphics to site. the cancer set one was added. plus we have on for kids.. called playground so stop in there to see all the new things at
I will get that quick page up today. sorry I didn't get it up yesterday.I got to play with making a layout for the blog. I still dont like the one I made. so I want to make another one. I will keep playing with it till I get the one I like. I made a template for the blog layout. so now it will just take a few min to chang the colors and header. or at least make it
more later

Saturday, October 11, 2008

oh geezI forgot to tell yall

oh golly gee whiz.. where is my brain today.. it must be out walking without me. I forgot to tell y'all about the new clip art we will be adding Monday. It is also commercial use. as we bought the license to resell it and offer it to our customers for commercial use.
It is the clip art that has to do breast cancer. here is the picture of whats going to be new on our site.

good morning its saturday

Good morning everyone
Today I uploaded a free embroidery design to my yahoo group. so if you do embroidery you will find my yahoo group here.
It is for breast cancer awareness. enjoy

there are 2 designs in this set .. they fit the 4x4 hoop.later today I am going to make a quick page with the graphics and i will be giving that away to the scrappers, so I will update you later

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Hello everyone
Welcome to my new blog..
Please give me time to figure out how to do things in here. I have never been a real blogger before. I visit a lot of Blogs..LOL
we will be updating our web site tonight here is a sample of the new clip art packages we will be adding.

It is called all in a kids day. and we have bought semi exclusive rights to resell this and alot more.
I will post more as soon as i can, and I will add free items for you to try as soon as i figure this all out.
Thanks for visiting