Sunday, November 9, 2008

Its Sunday.. what r u doing

Good Morning
Today is Sunday.. in case you dont know.. I just thought I would mention that.. lol. Wow we have been so busy on the weekends lately. Today we are going to go back to work on our back porch. well really a back room. we are ready to put the tar paper and windows in. Yeah. I am always frightened that our windows will get broken before we get them in. But they survived Ike.. so we are doing good huh,,
Yesterday we took our grandson Valin and went to see my oldest son , for his Birthday, he has 2 kids ,, Everen and Bailey. Valin had such a great time playing with Everen.. he did get upset with me holing the baby..He looked at me and said.. Im andmaws baby.. LOL.. the grandkids call me Andmaw..
anyhow we ended up taking Everen and Valin to Traders Village, where they were having an Indian expo. The kids loved watching the Indians dance.. and touching all the furs.. and hearing the history of the Indians from my hubby.
My middle son Mark and His wife showed up there. They had gone to galveston to see the area where their summer home was.. before Ike took it away..There was nothing there except a piece of the shed. so they took the piece of the shed. and are going to make something with it. They said they had a hard time there.. the ground was a slippery mess. it was firm but real slippery. and there was a parking lot full of cars.. buried under lots of sand .. dirt and wood. They had wanted to dig around and see if they could find any of there stuff.. but didnt.. it was just too slippery to do even that. and with her being pregnant. they just left.. and joined us for fun..
Today .. I have for you a quick Page. you may just click on it and it will open in a new window. then right click on it and save to your computer.
I will add a free scrap kit sometime next week so keep an eye out for that.
Have a great day everyone