Sunday, February 22, 2009

Computer crashed

OMG.. My computer crashed.. I have most of everything I lost.. on cds.. It is just finding them all.. and re installing everything.. I am almost back to normal.. geez I hate it when that happens.. the bug that got me was the same one that got the court houses and hospitals and schools around this Texas area.. It is a nasty little bug.. Its eats yoiur c-drive.. so you lose everything including windows.. it changes your admin. name and password. It is a bad bug.. I hate bugs.. Later today I will put how to back up your computer incase this happens to you.. where you wont have to go searching for everything.. you will have a backup.. so give me a little while and i will let you know where you can download that info.. my hubby wrote up too different ways to back up your computer. It will be a little while before i add other new things.. I am still looking for all my passwordes and stuff.. hopefully by tuesday.. I can start making new things again.

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